All the questions must be answered by chosing the scale from -2 to 2, 2 being the highest score and -2 being the lowest score.

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  1. Was the interface simple to use?
  2. Was too much training required to get started with the tool?
  3. Was the implementation of Pattern Structures useful?
  4. Was the implementation of AOC poset useful?
  5. Were the filtering criteria provided for each functionality useful in analysis of the concept lattice?
  6. Were the filtering capabilities enough for making the concept lattice smaller and observable?
  7. Was the functionality of annotating each concept helpful for explaining the concepts?
  8. Is the scatter plot of implications easy to browse through and intuitive?
  9. Was the response time for creating or editing the concept lattice reasonable?
  10. Was the application useful?
  11. I would use this application
  12. I will recommend this application to others
  13. Do you find this application novel?

Other Remarks:

  • Missing Functionalities in your opinion:
  • Positive points:
  • Other Remarks: